Join Us for Exciting Small Group Adventures in Costa Rica, Nicaragua & Panama…


dowstreamfix.jpg Our sense of adventure began long before we created the first SOAR Inflatable canoes in 1992. “A love for rivers, where they take us, what we discover exploring their corridors and the many friendships forged along the way.This is the inspiration and motivation for a truly creative, unique brand of adventure trips. monkey.jpg 
We use backroads and riverways as our primary means of discovery in Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua, taking you safely into remote places rarely visited by adventure travelers. Bring your cameras and binoculars, because once there, you will encounter one of the most bio-diverse regions on the planet, and see a wide variety of tropical animals, birds and plants. You will meet local people who will warm your hearts and perhaps fill your bellies with wonderfully wholesome meals. By night, you’ll be snugly nestled into a comfortable bed, well-fed, tired from a great day, and anxious to sleep because tomorrow holds more surprises. happywalk.jpg Soar 2 Adventure trips are designed for active, curious adults who want travel to unusual places, experience exciting activities, people, culture and adventure in a well-planned low risk environment. All SOAR 2 Adventure trips begin in easily-accessible San Jose, Costa Rica. From there, our destinations in Costa Rica, southern Nicaragua, and western Panama are easily reached by short drives. We are thrilled to be offering exciting itineraries to these three Central American countries that could not be more different from each other! We also create custom   itineraries led by “Fofo” for your group (families, birders, whitewater paddlers) designed around your specific interests.
IMGP0008.jpg We offer three distinctly different trips and a travel accessories store to maximize your travel comfort: Costa Rica Adventure, Nicaragua Adventure and Panama Adventure. Visit our Adventure Travel Store also! From years of living out of dry bags and small duffels, SOAR owner Larry Laba has found a lot of practical items that he never leaves home without. For your convenience, safety and comfort, we offer a small selection of quality merchandise that makes it even easier to enjoy your adventures. 196.jpg 
Costa Rica… is our premier adventure travel destination.  You will find a paradise for educational and safe wildlife viewing and active adventure in both 7 and 11 day itineraries. We offer a whole new way to explore warm water rivers teeming with exotic birds, wild life, and reptiles lead by English speaking guides and naturalists. You’ll discover eco-systems and natural history while exploring easy rivers… class I, II, and an optional Class III for even more excitement. We also hike, zip line, swim beneath waterfalls, ride bikes and horses, dine on healthy Costa Rican cuisine, sleep in comfortable country lodging and relax on beautiful beaches. IMGP0948.jpg Nicaragua is our adventure destination with a trip title “Nicaragua…To Paddle Back in Time. Imagine Costa Rica 50 years ago… no hustle and bustle where we travel and have a very authentic experience.  As we travel along rarely visited tributaries of the historical Rio San Juan, we will encounter locals in dugout canoes, families washing clothes, bathing and fishing along its banks. We’ll visit a 17th century fort that protected Spain’s interests from marauding “Pirates of the Caribbean” such as Sir Francis Drake! Tourist infrastructure is very simple, but comfortable. Roads, when we  occasionally use them are bumpy.  Birds, wildlife and monkeys are everywhere!  You will hear the deep-throated roars of howler monkeys virtually every day!
smFranMonkey.jpg Panama Hat Trick is our newest adventure.  We take you on an exploration of a small region of western Panama, rich in rivers, cloud forests and exquisite tropical islands, hence the title: “Rivers, Rainbows & Remote Islands”. Using a charming mountain town as our base, we will discover an exciting region as renowned for world-class coffee, as it is a great region for outdoor enthusiasts.  Then we make for the Pacific Coast, and make our home a la Robinson Crusoe on a semi-deserted island where we will be treated to the magic of a marine sanctuary dotted with tiny islands.  Beach-combing, snorkeling, paddling in mangroves, hiking, fishing and relaxing await you! 77_smbeach.jpg
“We have almost never gone on guided trips, but there is NO WAY we would have had this much fun!”