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Soar 2 Adventure is operated by Larry Laba and Rodolfo Campos-Montero, two adventurous outdoor loving entrepreneurs. Their collaboration on a unique concept for an adventure tour in Costa Rica has enabled over 100 spirited and curious adventurers to discover a creative and unusual foray into the fabric of Costa Rica. After hearing many customers say that they would definitely go on another “Larry and Fofo organized trip”, the two explorers made their first trip together in the fall of 2010 down Nicaragua’s Rio San Juan, exploring tributaries and communities along the banks.  In March 2011, a band of seven individuals took the first “exploratory” trip. They all raved about the trip and their exposure into a part of Nicaragua that is just beginning to emerge as an eco-adventure destination.  The name of this new trip is Nicaragua: To Paddle Back in Time.


Larry Laba began his outdoor quest from his first canoe as a teenager growing up near the Ozarks exploring its many streams and rivers. He had always dreamed about a life of outdoor adventure and he created the first SOAR inflatable canoe in 1992. Running SOAR Inflatables for 20 years, Larry has taken his SOAR canoes to many remote rivers in North and Central America. His first trip to Costa Rica in 1995 was a real “eye opener” for him… a country so close to the US, and so small, yet so rich in biodiversity with many warm-water rivers revealed all of his senses! In 2005, Larry began collaborating with his partner and tour guide, Rodolfo “FoFo” Campos-Montero, a native of Costa Rica. The concept of small group travel accessing easy, floatable, but mostly unknown rivers provides “a real close up” of the richness of life in the rainforest. This was sheer excitement for both of them, and with easy to SOAR canoes, perfectly suited for the task, a partnership was born! Larry is married to professional photographer Barbara Bourne and lives in the Russian River Valley.

Rodolfo Campos-Montero, or Fofo, a naturalist, paramedic, certified tour guide, and white water kayaker was born in Costa Rica and is a key factor in Soar 2 Adventure’s success. Fofo is an amazing tour guide with a friendly, easy going nature and a trained eye. His extensive knowledge, full traveling library, and love for Costa Rica’s unique wildlife and plants are a great asset on each trip. Fofo has hiked, mountain biked, kayaked, rappelled and rafted his way throughout Costa Rica and his appreciation for preserving the planet is readily observed. Soar 2 Adventure gives him the opportunity to create and implement exciting tours. Fofo loves his job and Larry marvels at his attention to detail making sure that our guests’ experience is top notch.

Along with SOAR Inflatables and SOAR 2 Adventure, Larry also owns and operates Russian River Adventures 6 months a year in Healdsburg, CA. Russian River Adventures offers self-guided day trips in SOAR canoes on the Russian River. A word about safety, always our highest priority…We want our customers to have a wonderful experience and a safe trip, so we never take any unnecessary chances. Our excursions are mostly easy rivers, but if the river is running too fast, we just won’t go down that particular river on that particular day. You don’t need to be an athlete to experience our brand of excitement; just moderate physical condition is fine along with a spirit of adventure and an attitude for curiosity and discovery.