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Wow!  My first blog.  My first post.  My chance to open my mind and put words to it.  My reflections on why I create the kind of adventures that give people a unique perspective on the lands we visit while having a lot of outdoor fun, too.
But what really brings me to writing the blog is Colombia, the northern most country in South America, and the only country on that continent whose territory touches both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  Colombia, the country that gained fame for Medellin and Cali cocaine cartels.  Colombia, the country that had a vicious civil war between leftist guerrillas, the government and the paramilitaries. And yes Colombia , the country whose low turnout majority recently voted to defeat a peace accord with the FARC, the main rebel group.
I made my first trip to Colombia in November 2015.  I spent 6 weeks following leads on regions and rivers to explore, possible guides to meet, and getting to know this amazing country that I was not prepared for.
I was not prepared to meet a warm, welcoming, fun, adventurous people.  I wasn’t prepared for a country with a strong middle class and a vibrant economy.  I wasn’t prepared because I, along with everyone else I knew, assumed that Colombia was still a high-risk country to visit. Wrong!
Although the Marxist FARC rebels have provoked little violence in many years, a ceasefire was finally agreed in August after four years of peace talks. Now great swathes of this vast country — Amazonian rainforests, remote Andean valleys, Pacific and Caribbean coastlines — are becoming accessible for the first time in decades. war. Colombians have been emerging from years of ingrained restraint of travel and exploration in their own country. Traveling by car was extremely dangerous and exploring the back country of many parts of Colombia was all but impossible.   Today, this has changed!
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