IMG 4182“From the very beginning when we set foot in our first lodging, I didn’t think a trip could get any better, but day after day, we continued to be amazed.  All of the rivers we ran  were just wonderful.  The hikes were exciting and informative, and the food was always excellent.  Most of all, the bird and wildlife we saw awesome.  We have travelled around the world and our trip to Costa Rica was by far our best trip!”
~Pierre & Marianne, Mill Valley, CA

“We highly recommend this trip to energetic and curious adults with some canoeing experience.  FoFo, Jorge, our bus driver and Larry provided for unique, educational, and safe experiences that would have been nearly impossible for us to create on our own.  All our needs – food, lodging, transportation, local guides, and equipment – were taken care of expertly and efficiently. At all times we felt comfortable.  We just had to show up each day with inquisitive minds.  All our guides spoke English; but there was ample opportunity to speak the local Spanish if so desired. This trip is so much fun that We would do the same trip again! Two words sum up the trip:  PURA VIDA!”
~Garry & Becky, Anchorage,  AK

redeyed tree frog sm

“Larry and Fofo rock!!  Our trip to Costa Rica was sensational.  We had heard how great Costa Rica was, but WOW! you really showed us a side of the country that I bet few people ever experience.  Each river was beautiful and different than the others, each lodging had its own special character and flavor, the food was exceptional.  I took almost 1000 photos and we have such great memories.”  ~Helen & Terry, Salida, CO

sm corobici“We highly recommend this trip!  It was excellent and exceeded our expectations.  We have almost never gone on guided trips, but there was NO WAY we would have had anywhere near this much fun, found such wonderful lodging or seen such an amazing array of wildlife on our own–not to mention that we couldn’t have run the rivers on our own.  It was a great sampling of what Costa Rica has to offer.  Fofo gets our highest possible rating as a guide, and our driver and local guides were wonderful, too.”
~Alice & Bob, Victor, ID

“This was our first trip out of the country, and it was a fantastic life-changing trip.  It was very well organized and we felt we had intimate knowledge of the geography, culture, people, flora and fauna.  Fofo and the rest of the crew were great people, professional and supportive.  You always made sure that we were comfortable, safe and happy.  Thanks for a great trip!”  ~Scott & Lisa,  Cloverdale,  CA

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IMG 4253“We loved the whole trip.  Fofo and Larry were great to us and we consider our trip a wonderful experience.  We are sure that we saw and enjoyed many-fold what we otherwise would have missed if we had simply gone on our own.”  ~Jamo & Jane, Fairbanks,  AK


“You assembled a great variety of experiences of high quality that were both exciting and satisfying. What more could I ask for? It greatly exceeded any expectations I may have had. Another measure of a great trip is it hasn’t worn off yet. It was a great trip for me and my son.  Thanks to you, FoFo, Ulate, and the friendly trip members.” Gordy, Medford, WI IMGP0843





Irene and I loved every moment of our trip to Costa Rica.  Growing up in Hawaii, Irene was so excited by all of the magnificent flowers and vegetation. Fofo gave us such a great insider’s view into Costa Rica and I was so impressed how smoothly everything ran for us on the trip.  we hope to join you again for another great adventure.”
Wally Willey, Houston, TX

smarenal“I want you to know how much I enjoyed the Nicaragua trip.  It was everything it promised to be, and I especially enjoyed getting to see undeveloped and uncommercialized Nicaragua. Having Fofo and Larry on the trip made the travel hassle  free.  The accommodations and restaurants you searched out were excellent and FoFo was resourceful in finding substitutions if needed.  FoFo is a real gem, a good guide, tireless worker, pays attention to details and a font of information and knowledge.  I would go on the trip again.  Thank you.” -Sande Scholz, Salida, CO

“This is our second trip with you!  We doubted that anything could beat your Costa Rica trip, but your Nicaragua itinerary is very impressive!  We loved how different Nicaragua is, and really enjoyed meeting local populations as we paddled along some of the rivers.  Travelling mostly by riverways was so unique, we were amazed that we hardly used buses to travel.  You guys picked out some great lodgings, too. We’ll be back for your next itinerary!” -Helen and Terry, Salida, CO

“I just arrived home and want to tell you that the trip was incredible.  Larry was a great trip leader, FoFo was such a wonderful guide, and it was a really good group.  The variety of activities made the tripa comple package.  All your planning and groundwork resulted in a truly memorable trip.” – Maggie Means, Sarasota, FL  nicaragua 553

“This trip was much more than a canoeing experience. Paddling provided a unique venue to experience the people and culture of Nicaragua.  It gave us the opportunity to see the rural parts of Nicaragua before it is changed by tourism and outside influences. The trip was thoroughly enjoyable as well as being a unique experience. Fofo was a wonderful asset on the trip on all fronts.  He was a great river guide,  naturalist and general guide.  He  went out of his way to help us experience the local culture. Fofo has a gift for being friendly with everyone he encounters. He was an integral part of making the trip so great.”  -Lynn and Marty, St Louis, MO