Imagine Costa Rica 50 years ago… no hustle and bustle where we travel and have a very authentic experience.

As we travel along rarely visited tributaries of the historical Rio San Juan, we will encounter locals in dugout canoes, families washing clothes, bathing and fishing along its banks. We’ll visit a 17th century fort that protected Spain’s interests from marauding “Pirates of the Caribbean” such as Sir Francis Drake! Tourist infrastructure is very simple, but comfortable. Roads, when we occasionally use them are bumpy.Birds, wildlife and monkeys are everywhere! You will hear the deep-throated roars of howler monkeys virtually every day! Nicaragua is emerging as the “new destination” in Central America. Long in the shadow of the more prosperous and developed Costa Rica, Nicaragua also endured years of economic and political repression.

The country has been at peace for almost 20 years, and the people of Nicaragua. This trip is led by Larry Laba and Fofo Campos-Montero. In the fall of 2010, Larry, Fofo and two other fellow adventurers set out to explore the southern a part of the largest country in Central America.

Besides being steeped in the history of the Spanish Main and conquistadors of the 17th century, we found a country very much at peace, with wonderful, open people, and a culture much different from its neighbor, Costa Rica, to the south. Nicaragua has very little tourist infrastructure. Lodgings are simple yet comfortable, hot water is rare and roads, where they exist, are bumpy. It is what Costa Rica must have been like 50 years ago, or parts of the U.S. 100 or more years ago.

Birds, wildlife, butterflies are everywhere! You will hear deep-throated roars of howler monkeys virtually everyday, As usual, we strive to offer the most comfort and still provide you with an authentic experience of the country.

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